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1. What exactly is SOCAMOTION™?  

SocaMotion Frequently Asked Questions

SocaMotion™ is a dance-fitness series that turns your "workout" into a Carnival!  It features different classes that change with the season and get you to move to infectious soca music from the Caribbean that has African and Indian roots and is fused with other genres like dancehall, reggae, rap, hip hop, r&b, zouk, jazz, indian, and even pop music.  SocaMotion injects group fitness with tropical spice with its variety of classes and unique ways that we move to soca music indoors, outdoors and even at a party.  We use elements of Caribbean Carnival culture in unique ways such as flags to tone your arms and dance moves that depict the characters of the festival. The series also incorporates different exercise disciplines so that you don't get bored and alway see results. In addition to traditional adult classes, there are programs for kids, college students, wellness campaigns and a weight loss challenge with Caribbean recipes and great prizes called the SocaSlimdown.  Explore the class descriptions for more info. JOIN IN!

2. What is a "SocaMover"?

A SocaMover™ is someone who loves to move to soca music in different ways in his/her life. They are proactive about being healthy but don't think they need to suffer through a bland diet or boring exercise class in order to see results.  A SocaMover participates in SocaMotion classes and loves to have fun while working out and understands how important nutrition and wellness are to staying fit and being healthy. You can usually spot a SocaMover because he/she smiles a lot, dances spontaneously, and knows the SocaMotion signature moves. JOIN IN!

3. What is the SocaSLIMDOWN™?

The SocaSLIMDOWN is a weight loss challenge that uses sound nutritional concepts and features Caribbean recipes and prizes. We aim to encourage healthy changes in behavior rather than crash diets so that the effects last long after the competition.  We also motivate people to make those changes with healthy competition and great monthly and grand prizes.  The program is usually held twice a year in anticipation of key Carnival festivals but encourages healthy habits well beyond the end of the contest. Learn more here.

4. What is the SocaMotion Varsity Squad™?

The SocaMotion Varsity Squad™ is our college-based program that encourages healthy activity and habits with fun workouts and wellness campaigns.  We lead classes on campus, hold nutritional and wellness workshops and even train students to be SocaMotion reps on campus and spread the word about fun exercise and healthy habits at a critical time of estabilshing habits.  trains representatives on campus to lead SocaMotion classes to encourage fitness and fight the freshman 15.  We have started movements in 2 universities and are spreading to campuses locally and remotely.  Move your Mas....after class!

5. Where are you classes located?
We offer classes at various venues in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens, New York.  More sites are being added. JOIN IN!

6. Who teaches the classes?
Most SocaMotion classes are taught by founder, Onya West.  There are also classes being taught by trained instructors with backgrounds in fitness and dance who have a passion for SocaMotion and Caribbean culture. Check out some of the instructor bios here.

7. How much do classes cost?

Registration for classes varies by location and length of each session and ranges between $12 and $15 per session.  You can find out details and register online using through our Prices page.  We often run specials for certain seasons or rewarding you for referrals.  Our WAVE CARD offers the best value when you purchase a multi-class card ad save by buying in bulk.  You can pay via credit or PayPal online.  For walk-ins it is best to bring cash but credit payments are accepted at some locatios. JOIN IN!

8. What do I need to bring to class?
You should bring water, a towel, comfortable clothes and sneakers. A yoga/exercise mat may be helpful but may be provided at some locations.  Contact us for details about each location.

9. Is there somewhere for me to change?
Again, each location is different.   Most of our locations provide private space to change your clothes before and after class. Please contact us for details about your particular location.

10. How do I register for class?
Registering online is the best way to secure a spot in class.  Walk-ins are welcome but risky due to limited space.  JOIN IN!

11. How long do classes last?
Most regular classes last for 1 hour.  Some locations offer extended classes for 90 minutes.  Bootcamps last for 2 hours each.

12. Are all of your classes indoors?

No.  Most of our classes are held indoors at studios, gyms or community centers.  During the summer we have outdoor classes and events such as SocaSavannahwalking fitness.

13. Do you participate in charity or community events?
Yes! We love to participate in school-based, charity, and community events especially when they deal with health and fitness.  Please contact us with details about your event. 

14. Are classes only for adults?

Not at all. We currently lead classes for teens, kids, college students and the elderly.  If you are interested in the program targeted for teens in Brooklyn, please contact us at 347.560.9210 or info@socamotion.com

More questions?

Feel free to submit your questions through our contact page, email info@socamotion.com, or call/text 347.560.9210.

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