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SocaMotion = Fitness and Wellness  with Caribbean flavor!
SocaMovers at the Socamotion Wining Workhop at Brooklyn Music School in Fort Greene near BAM

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SocaMotion is the new dance fitness movement made in New York!

SocaMotion goes beyond the concept of "soca aerobics" that sets typical aerobics moves to the infectious and upbeat songs in soca music.   This movement creates unique moves in a way that feels more like a fete, or party, and also offers a range of classes that change with the season.   There are different types of soca music that overlaps with other genres such as hip hop, rock, bhangra, etc and there are different types of classes that incorporate Caribbean and Carnival culture to suit every taste.

Our Fitness classes are organized in Waves. 

The Waves coordinate with the seasons and are highlighted by a Carnival festival in a different location.   During each Wave, SocaMotion offers a variety of fitness classes that incorporate Caribbean culture - e.g. stick fighting incorporated into SocaRaté.   This ensures that our members have a variety of times, dates, and types of classes to choose from and never get bored.

 Wellness is integral to our model but is also tasty and fun in the SocaSLIMDOWN

SocaMotion has incorporated a fun and motivational way to address nutrition and diet into our program: the SocaSLIMDOWN Weight Loss Challenge.   This contest encourages sustainable, healthy changes in one's diet by using Caribbean recipes.  Caribbean cuisine is based on intense flavor and fresh ingredients that is the cornerstone of any good diety plan. What better way to lose weight than to use these tropical flavors so that dieting feels like a treat rather than torture.  Participants in the SocaSLIMDOWN get helpful nutritional information, tasty recipes, lots of support and referrals to health professionals who help them make health a 360 degree, wholistic way of life.

Socamotion waving and leading a class at CWHA Girls SymposiumSocaMotion is a collaborative.

There are many SocaMotion instructors who have diverse backgrounds in dance, fitness, and health who have helped to develop some of our classes and are able to spread the word about this health movement that highlights Caribbean culture in a big way.    We bring fitness to the people in so many ways that go beyond our classes including parties, health fairs, workshops, online communication and outdoor events.   Follow us on Twitter or Facebook to keep updated about our events.

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