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SocaSavannah Walking Fitness Class with SocaMotion

Socamotion Walking Classes ~ SocaStridewalking park at SocaSavannah with SocaMotion™ -

We've got a new way to walk at Socamotion!

Jump start your fitness routine, enjoy the fresh air, and get fun low-medium impact workouts at scenic sites in Brooklyn.  We'll start on Eastern Parkway this April and then explore such sites as Eastern Parkway, Prospect Park, Brooklyn Promenade, and Brooklyn Bridge in this j'ouvert-style class. 

Find available classes in New York, North Carolina and Barbados.

Socamotion bootcamps ~ SocaArmy

SocaMotion Outdoor Bootcamp ~ SocaArmy Central Park Manhattan Prospect Park Brooklyn fitness exercise workout lose weightBootcamps can be fun! 

Let us show you in our outdoor bootcamps in Central Park, Manhattana and Prospect Park, Brooklyn starting this June.  Enjoy fiercely fun sessions with 2 certified instructors and the great outdoors.   We combine fun SocaMotion cardio routines, bodyweight calisthenics and fun carnival accessories like the whistle and flag to amp up your results.  Enjoy the fresh air and scenery as we use the terrain to work your body in unique ways and bring fun to bootcamps.  

Find available classes in New YorkNorth Carolina and Barbados.

Socamotion is a fitness carnival!
Come and Move Your Mas!

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